榭 · 关于空间原型的实验(一)

空间关系学Proxemics是哥伦比亚大学人类社会学家Edward T Hall 在《隐藏的尺度》中提出的概念。在这个方案里,我们对此概念进行了深化和延展,将它用在物理空间的范畴里,讨论了人与人的亲密空间、私自空间、社交空间和公共空间等不同尺度内如何被定义与设计。

Experiment on space prototype I

Proxemics is a concept developed by Columbia University anthropologist Edward T Hall in His book Hidden Scales. In this project, we deepen and extend this concept, applying it to the category of physical space, discussing how intimate space, private space, social space and public space are defined and designed at different scales.

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