TraceImage was founded in New York back in 2015, and moved the studio to Shanghai in 2017, In the past few years, TraceImage pays special attention to document the urban development and renovation, and trying to explore and present the relationship between architecture and people, between buildings and the cities, in many different scales and scenes.

Songkai is the founder of TraceImage, He received his MS.A degree from Columbia University in 2016. Before TraceImage Studio, he participated in multiple architectural practices in New York and New Jersey after graduation. And participated in different architecture projects in China, United States and Australia at the leading architectural design firm SOM, including high-rise office towers, cultural centers, hotels, high-end retails and many other program types. Originally from China, he travels a lot to build up his experience. Songkai has the experience of studying and working in the major of architectural design. With years of exploration, he has built up a good sense of space. As an architectural designer and a photographer, Songkai always experiences the space both as a user and a designer, presenting the scenery of the architecture as well as the existence of the building in use.