纽约 布鲁克林植物园游客中心

游客中心的设计被视为景观的无缝延伸。建筑嵌在现有的护堤中,22,000平方英尺的建筑被视为花园道路系统的三维延续,在未见整体形态的时形成了一系列进入和穿过花园的景观。 游客中心位于华盛顿大道,被设想为一个电影过场画面的过程,从城市到花园,通过展览馆到活动空间,最终过渡到室外的梯田天井,蔓延到花园之外。

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center

The design of the Visitor Center is seen as a seamless extension of the landscape. Nested into an existing berm, the 22,000-square-foot building is experienced as a three-dimensional continuation of the garden path system, never seen in its entirety and framing a series of views into and through the garden. Sited at Washington Avenue, the Visitor Center was conceived as a cinematic threshold that unfolds from the city to the garden, through exhibition galleries to an event space that mediates the transition outdoors to a terraced patio, spilling into the garden beyond.

Architecture Designed by Weiss/Manfredi