合肥 华润庐阳万象汇

AICO的室内团队针对平面动线提出主题空间的整体策略,以一场微旅行为灵感,将美食主题街区YUMMY ZONE、女性主题街区BEAUTY BAZAAR、亲子主题街区KIDS LALALAND三大室内主题街区串联,利用简单的木色和暖白色基调,搭配多种瓷砖和人造石形成设计肌理,营造轻松自然、舒适欢乐的购物氛围。

Hefei CR Land Luyang The Mix City

AICO’s interior team proposes an overall strategy of thematic space for the circulation, taking a micro-trip as inspiration to connect three interior thematic blocks, YUMMY ZONE, a food-themed block, BEAUTY BAZAAR, a female-themed block, and KIDS LALALAND, a parent-child-themed block, using simple wood and warm white tones with a variety of tiles and artificial stones to create a design texture, creating a relaxed, natural, comfortable and joyful shopping atmosphere.