济南 哈帕酒餐吧


Jinan HOTPOT wine and restaurant bar

HOTPOT is a poker-themed wine and restaurant bar. The design concept comes from the dichotomy and mixture of poker red and black. A variety of red and dark materials run through the indoor and outdoor spaces to build a poker world. The reeded glass, acrylic light boxes, and light strips are used as light carriers to outline the focus of the space. A partition made of zigzag reeded glass separates the scattered seating area and the booth area. The design of the folded outline further enhances the blurring effect of reeded glass. There are people moving in the space on both sides, as if the glass is converted into a thick translucent wall. Through the application of this translucent material, the penetration and separation of the space are realized. The two programs on each side act both close and far, divided and combined.

室内设计 未集建筑

Interior Designed by UN-GROUP Architecture