莫斯科 车库当代艺术博物馆

车库当代艺术博物馆是对20世纪60年代的Vremena Goda餐厅的改造,这个预制的混凝土亭子已经荒废了二十多年。OMA设计的5400平方米的建筑包括两层的展览馆、儿童创意中心、商店、咖啡馆、礼堂、办公室和屋顶露台。该设计保留了原有的苏联时代的元素,包括马赛克墙、瓷砖和砖,同时融入了一系列创新的建筑和策展装置。

Moscow Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is a renovation of the 1960s Vremena Goda restaurant, a prefabricated concrete pavilion which has been derelict for more than two decades. OMA’s design for the 5,400 m2 building includes exhibition galleries on two levels, a creative center for children, shop, café, auditorium, offices, and roof terrace. The design preserves original Soviet-era elements, including a mosaic wall, tiles, and brick, while incorporating a range of innovative architectural and curatorial devices.(Text from architects)

建筑设计 OMA

Architecture Designed by OMA