南京 秦淮湾大桥

“山“的意象与拱桥在形态上契合度相对较高, 本桥对拱圈的设计在关注文化符号的同时更注重力学内涵。 三角拱与放射形拉索具有对应的力学关联,多个三角拱的空间交错即增加拱圈的力学稳定性又赋予生动的形态。最终的桥梁形态很好地回应了“山”这一主体,丰富饱满且与内在的力学逻辑一致,拱脚推力在桥面内自平衡消解。

Nanjing Qinhuai Bay Bridge

The image of “mountain” has a relatively high degree of conformity with the shape of the arch bridge. The design of the arch ring of this bridge pays more attention to the connotation of mechanics while paying more attention to cultural symbols. Triangular arches and radial cables have corresponding mechanical connections. The interlacing of multiple triangular arches increases the mechanical stability of the arch ring and gives it a vivid shape. The final shape of the bridge responds well to the main body of “mountain”, rich and full and consistent with the internal mechanical logic, and the arch foot thrust is self-balanced and dissipated within the bridge deck.

桥梁设计 NAN建筑事务所

Bridge Designed by NAN Architects