纽约 西28街520号住宅

建筑有21个 “交错的 “楼层,外部由 “有机的曲线和V形图案 “组成,为每个住户雕刻了 “宽敞的户外空间并增强了隐私”。从其外墙到最小的内部细节,整个 “雕塑般的 “建筑共享一个 “无缝的视野”,使每个单元都是独一无二的,包括其5000万美元的顶楼。相关公司执行副总裁Greg Gushee说:”西28街520号将以其引人注目的设计和在高线上的突出位置对纽约市的视觉景观作出深刻的声明,同时为居民提供一个独家机会,在世界最著名的建筑师之一设计的艺术作品中居住。

New York 520 West 28th Residential

With 21 “interlaced” floors, the building is comprised of “organic curves and chevron patterns” on the exterior that carve “generous outdoor spaces and enhance privacy” for each resident. From its facade to the smallest interior detail, the entire “sculptural” building shares a “seamless vision,” making each unit unique, including its $50 million penthouse.“520 West 28th will make a profound statement to New York City’s visual landscape with its compelling design and prominent location on the High Line, while at the same time offering residents an exclusive opportunity to live within a work of art designed by one of the world’s most celebrated architects,” said Greg Gushee, Executive Vice President of Related Companies.

Architecture Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects