纽约 克里斯蒂街旅馆

New York Chrystie Street Hotel


The site sits at the core of the block framed by Houston Street, Stanton Street, and the Bowery, deeply recessed from Chrystie Street. A heterogenic mix of buildings that vary significantly in age, use, architectural quality, as well as scale and proportion surround it. Across the road lies Roosevelt Park, a long and narrow stretch of green that is gaining back its recreational use. The structure of the building is pushed to the exterior and follows the grid of the large floor-to-ceiling window bays. This introduces depth to the façade on the exterior and liberates the interior from freestanding columns. Slabs and columns are directly expressed as raw concrete, accompanied with the metallic materials and overall warm tone lighting atmosphere to form a very comfortable texture.

Architecture Designed by Herzog & de Meuron