纽约 VIA 57 West公寓

VIA 57 West的庭院是金字塔建筑内的一个高差很大的中庭天井公园—一个融入自然环境的空间,与周围的建筑形成鲜明对比。独特的建筑形态在曼哈顿的诸多方块形建筑中脱颖而出,建筑表面的金属材质也在阳光下反射出独特的纹理与质感。

New York VIA 57 West

The courtyard of VIA 57 West is an atrium patio park with a large height difference in the pyramid building – a space integrated into the natural environment, which has a sharp contrast with the surrounding buildings. The unique architectural form stands out among the many other square-shaped buildings in Manhattan. The metal material on the facade of the building also reflects a unique texture in the sun.

Architecture Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group