纽约 威廉谷精品酒店

威廉谷的地块上面有1.5万平方英尺的淡水河谷公园。经过精心设计的郁郁葱葱的绿色的园景空间,绵延起伏的丘陵以及曼哈顿天际线以及威廉斯堡海滨的全景。高架长廊也是1974年改装的Airstream拖车的家园,被称为Mister Dips。22楼的屋顶酒吧,可欣赏纽约市威廉谷城市的美景。威廉谷精品酒店提供了许多公共流线区域,鼓励人们进入场地,并打开一个位于中心位置的广场。一个大楼梯向上通向位于沿街零售上方的屋顶公园,随后回到下面的广场。

New York William Vale Hotel

The William Vale Hotel site is topped by 15,000 square feet of Vale Park. Carefully designed lush green spaces, hills and panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline as well as the Williamsburg waterfront. The elevated promenade is also home to a 1974 converted Airstream trailer known as Mister Dips. The 22nd floor rooftop bar has great views of New York City’s William Vale cityscape. The william vale provides numerous points of public access, encouraging entry into the site and opening up a centrally positioned plaza. a grand stairway leads upwards to a rooftop park positioned above a street level retail building, before returning to the plaza below.

建筑设计 阿尔博·利伯里斯

Architecture Designed by Albo Liberis