大阪 阿倍野歩道橋


大阪 阿倍野人行天桥

该项目位于正在进行重建的天王寺/天王终端站前。 作为从每天有80万乘客通过的天王寺站到周围设施的主要流线,字母 “a “的形式来自于能够快速前往任何你想去的地方这一主题。 其目的是创造一个被结构包围的步行空间,其高度随着桥墩的支撑跨度而变化,从而使行人能够 “感受步行的乐趣”。

Osaka Abeno Pedestrian Bridge

This project is located in front of the Tennoji/Abeno terminal station, which is undergoing redevelopment. As the main line from Tennoji Station, where 800,000 passengers a day pass by, to the surrounding facilities, the form of the letter “a” was derived from the theme of “being able to go anywhere you want to go quickly. The pedestrian space is surrounded by a structure whose height changes in response to the support span of the piers, and the aim was to create a pedestrian bridge where people can “feel the pleasure of walking”.

建筑设计 昭和设计

Architecture Designed by Showa Sekkei Inc.