大阪 明治安田生命大阪御堂筋ビル


大阪 明治安田生命大阪御堂筋大楼

该建筑位于大阪具有象征意义的御堂筋街的中心淀屋橋区域,是通过重建1965年完成的原大阪明治神宫而建设。 该建筑的开放性低层区域从前面到后面的街道都能看到,其明亮透明的外墙与银杏树和路过的人们相呼应,为庄严的街景注入了新的活力。 此外,为了有效地重建城市建筑,并将对环境的影响降到最低,旧建筑的地下框架被尽可能地回收和利用,该建筑是御堂筋大道上第一个地震隔离的建筑。(文字来自建筑师)

Osaka Land Axis Tower

Located in Yodoyabashi, the center of Osaka’s symbolic Midosuji Street, the building was created by rebuilding the former Osaka Meiji Seimei Kan, which was completed in 1965. The building has opening through lower floors, with a view from the front to the back of the streets. The bright and transparent façade, reflects the gingko trees and people passing by, and breathes new life into the stately streetscape. In addition, in order to realize an efficient reconstruction of an urban building with minimal impact on the environment, the underground frame of the old building was utilized as much as possible, and the building is the first seismically isolated structure along Midosuji Boulevard. (text from architects)

建筑设计 竹中工務店

Architecture Designed by Takenaka Corporation