费城 海军中央公园无畏大道1200号

该建筑的双弯预制混凝土立面向内弯曲,创造了一个宽敞的城市天篷,以回应公园的圆形跑道、活动吊顶和种植小品的“冲击波”- 向外涟漪起伏,就像水中的圆环,侵入建筑的痕迹。建筑形体产生于城市肌理,檐口和其他的立面向海军基地退让,总体规划上呈正交设计,形成建筑的双重曲线和融合社区的两种主要形式。

Philadelphia 1200 Intrepid Avenue

The “shock wave” of the public space spreads like rings in the water, invading the footprint of the building to create a generous urban canopy at the entrance. The resultant double-curved facade echoes the complex yet rational geometries of maritime architecture. Inside, the elevator lobby forms an actual periscope, allowing people to admire the mothballed ships at the adjacent docks.

Architecture Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group