秦皇岛 阿那亚 海边集市


Qinhuangdao Aranya Seaside Market

We find that the visually chaotic shear walls are actually following a clear structural layout logic: the corners of the shear walls form many Gestalt Closures, which suggests the room layout of the apartments above. Therefore, we attempt to organize the space by physicalize these rooms indicated by shear walls, providing visitors with a unique shopping experience different from that of large-scale, open-plan supermarket. According to circulation requirements, we divide the shopping area into a series of interconnected Enfilade rooms by connecting the shear walls, where each of the room is assigned with a certain program or a specific category of goods. As soon as customers enter the market, they will see the dazzling array of goods in the central room through the entrance hall window, then turn to the locker and take a basket or cart, walk through the flower shop and walk among different rooms looking for things they need. When someone walks through the rooms following the guidance of the shelves, in the slightly detoured circulation, they might temporarily take eyes away from the product and get a chance glimpse of him/her in the adjacent room through the beside doorway.

建筑设计 不也设计

Architecture Designed by Studio NOR