里约热内卢 Pedregulho社会住宅区


Rio de Janeiro Pedregulho Housing Complex

The main apartment building consists of a long, serpentine block suspended above pilotis. 272 units are placed on seven stories. Reidy attempted to provide a view of Guanabara Bay from each apartment unit. The single entrance to the building is via two gangplanks that lead to the third floor; its location at the middle of the building mitigated the need for elevators. The first and second floor consist of single-level studio apartments with a view to the city. The third floor is reserved for administrative offices, a children’s theater, nursery, and kindergarten. The upper levels contain two-story family units accessed from the fourth and sixth floors; the main living quarters are on the lower level and bedrooms on the upper level.


Architecture Designed by Affonso Eduardo Reidy