圣保罗 庞贝休闲中心

该建筑项目创造了新旧之间的对话,保留了其空间和邻里之间的重要象征性联系。新设计的主要关注点是组织建筑出入口流线,创造一条与该区域相交并连接其周围街道的道路,从而提供一条吸引行人和SESC用户的合适路线。这种连接对项目来说十分完善和重要,以至于使这条通道变成了一条真正的街道,人们每天都在使用,成为城市公共街道向该地段内部的延伸。SESC Pompeia的方案和建筑安排加强了对内部街道的积极使用,这无疑项目活力的关键。

São Paulo SESC Pompéia

The architectural project created a dialogue between the old and the new and preserved an important symbolic connection between its spaces and the neighborhood. The main concerns of the new design were organizing the building entrances and creating a path that intersects the lot and connects its surrounding streets, thereby providing a suitable route that appeals to pedestrians and users of SESC. This connection is so well established and vital to the project that it has resulted in the transformation of this passage into a genuine street, used on a daily basis, as an extension of the city’s public streets to the interior of the lot. The SESC Pompeia’s functional program and arrangement of buildings reinforce this intense and active use of the internal street, which is undoubtedly key to the project’s vitality.

建筑设计 莉娜·博·巴尔迪

Architecture Designed by Lina Bo Bardi