上海 Pluto X 徐汇滨江咖啡亭

钢结构被透明的玻璃包裹,形成了一种轻盈的工业感,如同建筑被X-ray透视一般,也呼应了Pluto X的母题概念。徐汇滨江成为Pluto X的第一个试验地。这一语汇试图和周围的工业遗址形成一种延续关系。

Shanghai Pluto Xuhui West Bund Coffee Station (Pluto X)

The steel structure was wrapped in transparent glass, forming an exquisite industrial sense, just like the station was seen through by X-ray, which also echoed the motif concept of Pluto X. Xuhui West Bund Riverside Walk became Pluto X’s first test site. This vocabulary attempts to form a continuity with the surrounding industrial sites.
During the day, the building presents a translucent openness, with the raised glass volume reflecting the surrounding trees and river; at night, the LED screen embedded in the glass box projects dynamic artistic images, bringing a touch of changing colors to the city in the dark.

建筑设计 未集建筑 与 贾涛

Architecture Designed by UN-GROUP Architecture and Jia Tao