上海 愚园路公共市集


Shanghai Public Market Yuyuan Rd

In the renovation of historical and cultural buildings, in addition to the regeneration of space, it is also necessary to explore the revival of “content”. The ideal renovation of historical district starts from space, based on the feather of the old buildings, refining the historical landmark symbols, while respecting the existing program of the buildings, and then realizing activation. The renewal design of this case follows the positioning of “artful living and living art”, and while pursuing “refinement” and “fashion”, it is also necessary to reconcile the “atmosphere” of the original residents in the area. Noodle stores, grocery stores, tailor stores… Some of the old-fashioned businesses that are now hard to find in the fashionable Shanghai City have always existed in some of the alleyways on Yuyuan Road, including Hongye Garden.

建筑设计 三益中国

Architecture Designed by Sunyat China