上海 如咖啡桂林公园店

在空间的第一层序列中,对于最外层的隔墙,我们去除了原本建筑繁复的装饰与线脚,将其体块尽量地还原成为一个‘干净的房子’,这个盒子存在于街道上与周边环境形成了‘干净与杂乱’的对比。第二层“插入盒体”则构成了内部空间的主体,但这个空间并不是密闭的,相反,墙体上刻意设置了许多门窗洞口让这个空间能够很好的与其他空间 “沟通”与“交流”。最内部的区域形成了一个相对比较封闭的空间。这个房间除了入口之外,是被完全围合的,因此在整个建筑内私密度最高。

Shanghai Ru Coffee Guilin Park

In the first sequence of space, for the outermost partition wall, we remove the original building’s complicated decoration and footing, and reduce its body as much as possible to get a ‘clean house’, this box exists in the street with the surrounding environment to form a ‘clean and cluttered ‘ contrast. The second layer – “insert box” forms the main body of the interior space, but this space is not enclosed, on the contrary, many windows and doors are deliberately set on the wall to allow this space to “communicate” with other spaces. The innermost area forms a relatively private space. This room is completely enclosed except for the entrance, and therefore has the highest privacy in the entire building.

建筑设计 彼山设计

Architecture Designed by BuildEver Design