上海 敬老社区改造


Shanghai Xinhua rd jinlao community renovation

Before the renovation, there were many exposed lines and pipes in the aisle that can casuse accident, and it has major impact on the entire environment. After comprehensive consideration, the design uses perforated metal mesh to cover these pipes and keep them away from residents to ensure the safety of the community. During the renovation, the space on the roof was reasonably used and divided into rest area, activity area, planting area and clothes drying area. The rooftop, which has been idle for many years, finally comes back. Residents now can plant flowers on the rooftop and feel the community atmosphere. The petal-shaped perforated board is used to increase the height of the railing to ensure the safety of the activity area. During night time, there is still lighting decoration, the fixtures are lighten up and the warm yellow light shines against the petals. It is a beautiful scenery both from close and faraway.

建筑设计 奥默默工作室

Architecture Designed by ‘Oumoumou