上海 微型城市记忆博物馆(愚园路名人墙改造)

作为历史名人的生平展示空间,这里承接着爱国主义教育展示的功能。然而,对于城市空间,这里只是一段再普通不过的街头过道,只是居民们的习惯通径。周边的居民每天穿过名人墙的内街空间,去往长宁温水游泳馆、江苏路街道活动中心,匆匆走过,很少会留下一刻的驻足。如何让这个充满上海味道的狭小空间承载更多的城市记忆,让名人墙静态的走道空间转变成有温度的城市交往和会客场所,这是名人墙改造的筑境设计团队所关注的,于是,一个有声音、有影像、有城市记忆的“F³ Mini Museum——上海微型城市记忆博物馆”由此而生。

“F³ Mini Museum – Shanghai Mini Museum of Urban Memory”

As a space for displaying the lives of historical celebrities, it carries the function of patriotic education and display. However, for the urban space, it is just an ordinary street alley, a habitual path for the residents. Residents in the neighborhood walk through the inner street space of the Wall of Fame every day to go to the Changning Swimming Pool and Jiangsu Road Street Activity Center, and walk past in a hurry, rarely leaving a moment to stop. How to make this small space full of Shanghai style carry more urban memories, so that the static walkway space can be transformed into a warm urban interaction and meeting place, this is the concern of the design team of this renovation, so that a “F³ Mini Museum – Shanghai Mini Museum of Urban Memory” with sound, image and urban memory borns.

建筑设计 筑境设计

Architecture Designed by CCTN Design