第比利斯 公共服务大厅

第比利斯公共服务大厅位于城市的中心区域,俯瞰库那河。建筑由包含办公室在内的7个体量构成, 每个体量都占据了4层楼的空间。这些体量围绕在该项目的核心-“中央公共广场”的四周,也就是接待区所在的地方。不同楼层的办公室通过各层间伸展的室内人行桥彼此相连。

Tbilisi Public Service Hall

The public service building is situated in a central area of the ceiling where it overlooks the Kura River. The seven volumes that make up the building contain offices for the different public agencies housed inside. The volumes, which are embraced by seemingly billowing tops, are placed around a central atrium that is considered the central public space and core of the project. The offices are connected via footbridges that stretch on different levels.

Architecture Designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas