武汉 龙湖江宸天街

在状似三角形的地块上,由两座办公塔楼和建筑面积110,000 平方米的购物中心所组成。裙楼体量的双翼在地块的顶点会聚,昭示出主空间的位置、层次顺序和其独特的形状。连桥中庭的线性活动空间延展至尽头是一个具有全景城市视野的室内大台阶,细长的悬臂部分向前探出,融入周遭的城市景观中。 连桥中庭以明亮的红色延续裸露天花板结构的工业感叙事,通过大面积的室内阶梯,采光通透的顶部景观,汇聚激发商业中心的气氛。

Wuhan Jiangchen Paradise Walk

On a triangular plot topped by two office towers, the 110,000 sqm mall’s two wings converge towards the apex of the site, informing the placement of key spaces, their hierarchical order, and their distinct shape. A linear event space stretches out to culminate in a full-width landscaped stair that leads up to a panoramic window: an elongated cantilever that prominently reaches out into the surrounding cityscape. The bridge narrative continues in the industrial feel of the bright red exposed ceiling structure.

建筑设计 柯路建筑/天华建筑

Architecture Designed by CLOU architects/ Tianhua