武义 一续咖啡

单色的空间主色调配以暗色的空间背景让整体的设计风格十分明确地展现,天花的波纹金属板与单色的地面通过材质向内的延伸让空间也向内拓展, 整体设计形成了十分简明的“L”形平面,并通过不同段落的不同墙面处理打造出不同的主题空间。

Wuyi OneShot Cafe 

The main color of the space is monochrome with a dark background and shows a very clear overall design language. The corrugated metal panels on the ceiling and the monochrome ground are extended inward through the material so that the space is also expanded inward. The overall design unfolds in a very simple L-shaped plan, with different themes for different areas created by the segmented treatment of the walls.

室内设计 王登超

Interior Designed by Dengchao Wang