西安 广联达数字建筑研究中心


XiAn Glodon Research and Development Center

Special Architectural color is an effective strategy to highlight the building. It uses the tension of color to highlight the characteristics of the building. And at the same time, the building wants to capture the attributes of the city. Glodon’s traditional brown-red color is rich and full of tension, which also reflects the red impression of Chang’an’s sleepless city, and it has a unique temperament among the gray and white buildings. The design draws on the technique of “Seeing the big in small” in the traditional gardens. The appearance of the building is simple but rich. A huge “showcase window” is designed on the north facade of the building so that the city can see the rich space in the atrium of the building through the facade.The showcase facade could be transformed into an advertising wall, converting the huge traffic flow of the North Third Ring Road into a big chance for brand promotion.

Architecture Designed by Huahui Group | We Studio