徐州 千禧城营销园区

徐州MEGA体验中心位于紧邻高速的城市新区,周边环境空间极为空旷稀疏。设计概念来源于内容的策划逻辑,设计师认为好的建筑离不开人气聚集和事件的连续发生,希望引入“MEGA HOUSE”剧场作为活动与事件的发生器,继而产生了建筑形式-一个架起的剧场盒子。身处一个传统工业城市的新生地带,设计团队希望为城市空间引入轻盈明快的视觉元素,使建筑如一个白色纸盒轻轻地落在大地上。

Xuzhou Mega Center

Xuzhou MEGA CENTER is in a new urban area close to the city highway where the surrounding environment is quite empty. After acquiring a large area of ​​land, the client hoped to build a promotion center with rich experiential functions. Different from a traditional operation, we recommend putting a ‘cultural anchor’ here. We believe that a good architecture cannot be established without constant events happening and people gathering. Based on this programming logic, we introduced a multifunctional theater called ‘MEGA HOUSE’ as a generator of events into the building.

建筑设计 彼山设计

Architecture Designed by BuildEver Design