淄博 东岳国际酒店

三益的设计方案以“less 体量+more 构造”回应,高于周边高度,简于城市风貌,精于建筑构造,以极简的形式与城市建筑区别开,呈现出一种现代主义初期的独立性,而不是仅仅是在外观上对地景性进行表达。

Zibo Dongyue International Hotel

The design responds with “less massing + more structure”, which is higher than the surrounding building height, simpler than the urban landscape and more refined than the building structure, distinguishing itself from the urban architecture with a minimalist form, presenting an independence at the beginning of modernism, rather than just expressing the landscape in appearance.

建筑设计 三益中国

Architecture Designed by Sunyat China